Ruben Hamers

Developer & Consultant

Revealing simplicity in complex problems.

Hi, I’m a software developer with over 10 years of professional experience, currently focused on Unity3D and .Net ecosystems. My favorite part of the job is tackling those hard to solve problems and creating the right abstractions and tools for other developers to use.

My experience in Unity3D ranges from (serious) games to simulations and business apps, to XR and VR targeting different industries like healthcare, automotive, industrial, aerospace and military. I’m also a big proposer of extending the Unity3D editor in order to allow for better integrations with custom tooling. So I have great understanding of Unity3D editor plugins and extensibility.

Additionally, as with any modern applications; many Unity3D apps come with back-end web-services. I don’t shy away from back-end tasks or even CI/CD work as I want to see my task through and deliver something that closes the loop of the Unity3D tech-stack.

When I’m not coding, I’m probably spending time with my family, working out, reading, blogging, podcasting or doing more coding.

Things I’m good at:


Taking an idea and making it come to fruition, batteries included. Transferring my knowledge through coaching, mentoring and teaching.

Team Play

Augmenting a team as a developer, upping the standard and accomplishing great things.


What is the best architecture for your application depending on the type of app, team structure and topology, experience level and company culture?

Custom Tooling

Developer productivity is all the rage these days, and will increasingly take a more prominent role for developers. Custom, fine-grained tooling will offer solutions and open up new possibilities.

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