Happy new year and the best wishes for 2022! I hope you have all enjoyed the holidays and spend some proper time with your families and friends. In this blog I would like to explore some interesting things that are on my agenda for 22. I’m setting up a couple of interesting things so let’s discuss them a bit.


Clojure projects

Last year I started a Clojure front-end web project but I never really finished it. I really needed to get some other things done and I thought I would get back to my Clojure project but I didn’t. Also, the project did not really lift off and I couldn’t find the motivation to continue working on it. I think just the messing around with css trying to make things perfect bored me down a bit.

However, I recently started new Clojure project which is going to be it’s back-end project. I’ve been enjoying this very, very much and I’ll try to explain why. First of all I have not used Clojure actively for maybe a year now. I always liked programming in Clojure so it feels nice to get back into it. Yet, I have always kept up to date with the Clojure ecosystem through blogs, youtube video’s and podcasts.

When I started the back-end project I essentially already had an idea of how to build it since I listened to many podcasts about it. So I copied a simple example from the Reitit github page so I have a starting point, made me a MongoDB Atlas account and deployed it all on Heroku and it works very smooth and nicely. I also started refactoring the Reitit example to work with Stuart Sierra’s Component library which is great idea. He has a very nice talk about this, which you can see here.

I’m really going to try and spend some more time programming in Clojure because I just really like the language, the thought process, the way many open source libraries work together and most importantly it’s community. I’ve always found the Clojure community exceptionally friendly and always willing to help. The Clojurains Slack group is MASSIVE and very active. It’s really great to have access to the knowledge and opinions of this many developers in just a single slack group. And, they’re always willing to help out, no matter how simple or difficult your question is. I mean, there’s just no sign of toxicity anywhere. It’s just really great!

Then about, my project; I’m still not going to spoil what it is about since I would like to keep it to myself for just a bit longer. At least until I have a alpha version running. With both a front – and – back-end that is. So, yes, this might gonna take some time haha. Heck, I might even write like a Kotlin cross-platform app as a front-end in the beginning just to avoid having to mess around with css again. I’m not sure and I’ll try to make sure I have to to work on this project on a weekly basis or something.


Yes, What Else?

So, somewhere in my last blog I hinted I was also very busy setting some exciting things up and today I would like to reveal what that is. And, it’s a podcast! A podcast about Unity3D development!

I recorded and edited my 0th , introduction episode and I’m now in the process of getting it listed on many different podcast platforms. When the 0th episode is released I’ll add some more information about the podcast on this website. I’m also still trying to figure out how to cover the costs of the hosting and everything and I came up with having at least an affiliate link for Unity3D and the Unity Asset Store. This way people can use my link to buy things from the store and the podcast will earn a small commission from it. It won’t cost the buyer anything so it’s a nice, passive way to sponsor the podcast.

Let’s talk a bit about the podcast then; It is a podcast about Unity3D development. Not just developing games, but also business apps, simulations and other applications you can use unity for. Heck we might even loose ourselves in the metaverse. We are going to dive into best practices, popular design patterns and game architectures. Software development methodologies and processes. And of course game design and everything that revolves around it.

The aim is to be an entry level platform while still diving deep into the trenches of game development every now and then. And, of course, in the end having fun and producing valuable content for everyone involved!

I have some topics on my mind like; how to write clean code in for Unity3D apps. What does it mean to write clean code and how should you apply it in the context of Unity3D. How do you architect a Unity3D application. What common design or architecture patterns could you use instead of spreading singletons all over the place. How to setup and maintain a proper continuous integration pipeline for Unity3D applications, How to work effectively in a team with proper software development methodologies and use of source code control like Git or plastic SCM. And much more.

I’m also very excited to invite podcast guests on the show to discuss these things with them. I think it’s just going to be a lot of fun.

When the 0th episode is released I’ll also release the transcript of it so you can read that as well. I’m won’t spoil everything here just yet!


Now What!?

Now we wait… Nha. My first podcast is going to be about clean code. So I’m probably going to write a summary of the book first and relate it to Unity3D. I’ll try and cover the entire book and look at popular alternatives since Clean code is very prescriptive and I know there are many mixed opinions about it. I will write this all down in blog which I will post here and then create a podcast about my own blog. So I’ll try kill two birds with one stone haha. But, Yeah I don’t want the podcast episode to be like an audio copy of the blog, it needs to be original. I’ll just discuss the blog in audio format.

I’ll keep everyone posted for the upcoming awesomeness.

Thanks, and again; Happy new year and best wishes for 22!



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