Happy new year and best wishes for 2023! I hope you enjoyed your holidays and caught up with some much needed quality time with your families and friends. In today’s short blog I would like to discuss a loose planning for 2023. Let’s get to it!



The past year I’ve spend a lot of time writing either blogs or podcast episodes. I’ve not really written many software projects and I certainly want to do more of that. But, on the other hand I recognize that writing these blogs and podcasts is good for learning new things since I need to digest the content and then present it in a somewhat understandable way (I hope :D).

But this year I really do want to spend some more time on writing software for passion projects. Although I spend a lot of time writing code at work, I really like writing some more at home just for the sheer fun of it.

Last year, the only project that saw the light of day was my SjwagMeister project, which is far from done. It shows major potential for a cool plugin for the Unity3D editor and it serves as my inspiration for a lot more plugins to be written. Which are a lot of work, so I need to allocate time to do it :D.



On the blogging end I would like to spend some more time writing other kinds of blogs than reviews of existing content (haha). If some category of blog dominated 2022, it’s the “review” kind. Not necessarily bad, but I do like writing original content far more than rehashes of something old, and I think everyone would agree.

Some blogs (that can be turned into podcasts) that are on my mind are: CI/CD in Unity3D, My top N tips for starting Unity3D programmers, The N most common mistakes made by Unity3D programmers, Popular Software Architectures in Unity3D, Bootstrapping your Unity3D application, just to name a few.

Plus I still have to write yet more reviews of books and courses I did over 2022 like Dave Farley’s Modern Software Engineering, or Scott Wlashin’s Domain Modeling Made Functional. I also completed some course about Docker on Udemy I haven’t documented yet. And probably more but I forgot them 😛 ( back to the reviews we are). I just don’t want to leave things hanging and as I said, writing the reviews really drills in the content of the source material. So it makes it stick better.


All Things Unity

On the podcast note; I will happily continue making episodes although it takes me a long time to do so. I really enjoy the podcast yet episodes aren’t just that frequent. Which is a bummer because I started it to have even a single podcast focused on Unity3D programming to listen to. My schedule simply doesn’t allow it at this point. Which is okay. I just hope you can bare with me 😛

I really need to finish The Pragmatic programmer and from that point on I want to focus more on the Unity3D side of things. I think we have had enough of the clean practices at that point. Maybe in the future we will invest time into another book but I really want to get some guests on the podcast.

This will probably make the schedule a bit more tight as I can’t cancel on my guests when things get busy. So it will force me into making the recording happen :P. This will also reduce a great deal of the pre-production cycle since I don’t have to write the entire script for the episodes. So in the end, it’s going to save me time I think.

I’ll try and get some influential guests on the podcast to talk about their experience with Unity3D or whatever interesting topic related to it. We’ll see…


Updates to hamersoft.com

If you are a long time reader of my blog (if there exist any!? :D), you might have noticed I have overhauled the entire look and design of the website over the past couple of months. A lot more content is added to give a more complete overview of what I do. I turned it into more of a personal website with a blog and portfolio etc. I like the result so far :)! If you have any feedback, drop me a comment.

So there’s a lot on my agenda for 2023, even excluding some of my personal goals I won’t mention on the blog as they are not related. I’m going to wrap this blog up since I think I’ve got everything in here I wanted to say.

Again, Happy new year and best wishes for 23!


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